Gathering and networking of the Buddhist Teachers in Europe

2019 near Barcelona, Spain: MahaCouncil or Great Gathering

Sangha Activa Dones d’Aigua
08359 Sant Iscle de Vallalta
Catalonia, Spain

From: 29 September to 3 October 2019

Sangha Activa:

An invitation is coming soon.

Place: around 25 people can stay at the Center. Others have to stay at a nearby Hotel.
- Vegetarian food will be offered, vegan will be available on demand.
- There will be a team at the Center working with reservations and other questions.

Registration: EVERYONE may please register at the Center, also those who stay in a Hotel
For contact: Miriam Carmona

There is a Online-Registration-Form:


Main topics:

Who would like to give a talk (30 minutes) on our three main topics?
1. Mindfulness, different levels, mainstream and deep (ongoing topic, Sylvia)
2. Secular Buddhism (whatever that is) (ongoing topic, Sylvia)
3. What did we expect from Buddhism and what did we get? Where are we now?
4. What can Buddhism give to the West? Suffering, change and uncontrollability – and the end of all quarrelling!!!

Invited for the talks are Buddhist teachers who have substantial teachings experience (some 10 years) and have been practicing for at least 15 years.
Topics:  We will focus on three or four main topics, and other topics for world café, open space etc.
Other issues (Sylvia)
Role of the Guru, teacher-student-relationship
What did and do we seek in Buddhism? What did and do we find?
What do we find useful, inspiring, healing, challenging, not useful, dangerous, indispensable?
Which audience do we reach and relate to in the West?
Which teachings and methods seem useful for our audiences?
What do I want to pass on? What is my strength? What is not easy for me?

Large meeting (Mahasangha)

Marcel Geisser, Sylvia Wetzel and Doris Harder agreed to prepare the invitations on the BTE's side.
Marcel agreed to send the invitations to all of you and to collect the registrations for the conference.