Audios / Essays

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Vienna 2016

Lama Shenpen: “Mindfulness as the path to liberation”  
Dario Doshin Girolami: “When blossom falls A meditation course for grieving parents who lost their children”
Lama Irene: “Supported ending of Life - How do we as Buddhist teachers think and feel about that?”
Kaikyo Sara Roby-Baranek: “End-of-life or assisted suicide”
Sylvia Wetzel: Dark Night, Emptiness and Renunciation”
Marcel Geisser: Buddhism beyond 'Ism' and category"
Yesche U. Regel: „Applying Buddhist compassion practices on social, ecological and other urgent matters" and a Tonglen-compassion meditation
Zarko Andricevi: Present crises in the light of Chan Buddhism”

Sylvia Wetzel: "Dark Night"
Yeshe U. Regel: "Buddhist Compassion Practices"

Five Cram: "If"  and  "Uncertainty song"

German Language:
Sylvia Wetzel: "Die dunkle Nacht der Seele"